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The Adventures of Action Man & Sebo Boy

You've found the page where you get to listen to the award winning radio ads that feature the adventures of Action Man and Sebo Boy! We will continue to post new ads as they are produced. We are always open to new ideas or suggestions for their antics. We get lots of comments and feedback on these ads and appreciate all the opinions.


Feel free to drop us a line and give us your ideas. Anyone that's familiar with our store will see how the scenarios in the ads mimics the comedy that happens every day at Sebo's. Who knows, you just might hear your ad on the radio or this website.


By the way, all the voices and sound effects are produced by one man. Enjoy!

Energy Star - Action Man & Sebo Boy discover the wonder of compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

Winter Storm - Our heroes prepare themselves for a fierce winter storm.

New Year - Sweet but inept - our boys attempt to win the hearts of the ladies with... gift cards.

Christmas - Action Man & Sebo Boy fondly reminisce over the year 2007 and unwrap their holiday wonders.

Trees - Our environmentally aware super heroes recommend plastic trees.

Winterize - Our favorite duo get ready for the cold season, winterize and discuss round foamy thingys.

Action Toilet - Action Man & Sebo Boy find the Action Toilet out of action.

Action Assault - Armed with only their superior intellect and an arsenal of very sharp tools our heroes attack the growing wilderness.

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